initial meeting

It costs nothing to have an initial meeting either in person or virtually. We talk about you and your organization. We also talk about opportunities for collaboration. When we finish, we should both feel energized and have enough information to decide if we want to move forward together either now or potentially later.


I generally work by the hour, with a reasonable hourly rate that can include a not-to-exceed clause. I can also charge by the word or project, if that seems more appropriate. We can scope the work based on your needs, whether that's a whole content assessment and overhaul or one small piece of content that let's us try out the relationship.

simple contract

I have a simple contract that spells out everything clearly. For example, anything I write for you becomes yours in terms of copyright and I can't bill you for any expenses unless they are approved in advance. I like to understand your budget, timing and needs so that we can create an agreement that matches both our capacities.

Progress to success

You can expect regular progress reports that make it clear how fast and far we've come. I also enjoy project management and partnering with other consultants or staff members as needed. Whether long-term, intermittent, or short-term projects, my goal is to increase your reach and impact.