If you want to make change and you need more writing capacity, I'm ready to support you. We live in a constantly changing world and our approach must be authentic, collaborative, human and responsive. When we work together to connect what you do to what audiences need, we forge timeless paths forward.

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Research and needs assessment 

I ground my work in understanding your sector and audiences, what you are already doing, the messaging and approaches of your competition, cooperative businesses in your "neighborhood," and industry trends. I also look at high level metrics so we can benchmark against future gains.

core Messaging

Your core messaging should strategically describe the impact you make, in terms that will fire up the imagination of your audiences. In addition, you need all the supporting information that will make someone trust you and want to work with you

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ongoing Strategic Storytelling

If your core messaging is on target it won't need to change very often, and you can use ongoing strategic storytelling to increase your influence. This may include newsletters or blogs, thought leader articles, product updates, promotional materials or social media campaigns that maintain relationships, generate new ones, and make change.