What's so appealing about the Accidental Icon?

Lyn Slater has an irresistible story. She's the over-sixty famous fashion model who fairly recently landed on the stage. At first glance we might be tempted to think that it's all about her or even that it's all about fashion. While those are the surface details, that is not the heart of what draws us to her. 

What makes Lyn Slater so attractive to so many people is the way her story and messaging embody the ways we want to change and grow on our journey of transformation. 

In her interviews and through her online presence, her message is clear: get to know yourself in an authentic way and then show that to the world. We believe her. She is clearly an authority on the subject and it's an approach that has made her more "visible" than ever at an age when she notes that many women feel invisible.

The satisfaction for her comes not from being visible, but from expanding the possibilities for those that follow her. She says that she has many young followers that tell her that she is making them unafraid of growing old.  

When I showed one of her interviews to my ten-year-old daughter, she said, "I like the part where she is wearing black and white and she is walking down the street like she owns it."

Exactly. It's not about fashion and it's not about Lyn. It's about us. Be it, wear it, own it.